The main aim of the AV Studio is to utilize the audiovisual material complementing the regular classroom teaching. The technical facilities provided in the studio will help to record the performance based on the syllabus and also coverage of important events conducted within school premises. Since we have a video edit setup, the recorded programs/lessons can be edited incorporating music and/or voice over making it be full-fledged program/lessons ready for the telecast.

The AV Studio also facilitates substituting the classes by streaming that day's particular lesson taught and recorded by that particular teacher her/himself into the classroom. Thus continuity and utilization of time are achieved.

Our goal is to model the AV Studio on the lines of a Call Centre where Facilitators will be present from 4.00 p.m.-7.00 p.m. and students can call in with their doubts which will be clarified and the concepts revisited. To have digital archives that can be used by both teachers and students as a resource.

The AV Studio will also meet the educational needs of underprivileged schools by developing educational projects and also stream lessons to schools that have broadband facilities.