Zibma International School progressive and caring community is committed to a process of learning and growth in an environment that embraces and instills the following seven values:

  • Education of the Whole Person 

A commitment to the broad development of the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical qualities needed to lead a fulfilling life

  • Trust 

 A shared belief in the moral strength, character, and reliability of each member of our community that results in feelings of mutual confidence and mutual respect

  • Healthy, Caring Community 

The belief in the dignity and worth of all individuals. We embrace diversity; we encourage empathy, acceptance, and a balanced lifestyle

  • Individuality 

By celebrating the unique gifts and qualities brought by the individual to the community, we encourage the development of personal values in the context of responsibility to the community and to oneself

  • Learning 

By engaging in a variety of meaningful learning experiences, LCS encourages curiosity, promotes collaborative problem solving, and instills an enduring passion for lifelong learning

  • Citizenship 

Through service to others and the development of leadership skills, we encourage our students to become thoughtful, constructive, and contributing members of the local and global community

  • Environmental Stewardship 

Through our unique campus and programs, our students are inspired to become leaders with a commitment to global environmental stewardship.